Monday, November 15, 2010

lets talk about love!

"Love is not 50/50, it is not give and take. In love each partner gives 100% and takes nothing in return."

yepp! im back to where my suffering just started! \(^_^)/

-I AM NOT IN LOVE!!- as so u know =P

its boring when LOVE become a topic. i knew. 
love is something to be feel, 
not to talked about and share the sorrows.
in fact, 
its shouldn't happen when its only make someone else, smile. and WIN.

to be fooled, 
to feel fooled,
yes. i am the LOSER!

I knew that im in love with you. thats what i tought i was.
when i dont even know who you are.
and when i dont even have a chance to know u more,
 u went away..
u have win.
and me? 
i am still... the loser.
*screw me!*

lets see whats future will brings to us..
lets us feel the joys now..
lets us be happy with what we have...
and then...
its gone.
thanks....again. =)

*takde kena mengena dengan aku yang sudah bertunang. cuma terasa ingin berjiwang* lalalala


tAk puAs atI dengAn issue ini?? siLa Lahh berteKak..=D