Sunday, November 8, 2009

one litre of tears!

quote part of kyoto Aya diary~ very sAaadd =(

The understanding of a handicapped. (Part 2 of 4)

Yesterday was my turn to go to the library for my duties, I spent 20 minutes walking along the second floor walkway, but when I reached there was no one, I’m really too slow. I was depressed, borrowed a book. If I exceeded the time where the school gate close, I can just call the hostel and school, but still I cant help but cry again.

Just only around 4pm, the librarian scolded me,” Go back quick! If you want to borrow books, you have to come earlier.” I was so angry! What a cold-blooded person. My movements are 1 time slower than a normal person. It’s impossible to plan ahead of my time no matter how hard I try. And I spend too much time on daily routines like washing clothes. This stuffs are not using just time that I can solve the problem.

Today’s destination is the zoo. I’m so tired of going to places like the zoo. The boring faces of a orang utan, black monkeys that throw stones, penguins that doesn’t catch fish, and etc.

I really hate the daily duties of the hostel, but for the sake of adapting to the group environment, this is something I can’t avoid. I always so slow, no matter how hard I try I’m always slower than the others. During the announcement, the duties are only half done, during the end of the fitness lesson, the in charge told me, “Aya, You didn’t clean up your room. Go to toilet and clean up the rubbish and towels.”

“Please forgive me, I will endure all the pain and challenge…” God, please tell me. When will all this end? This always in the end makes me even weaker.
If my body can be more active, even if cleaning the toilets, I will be more than happy to clean it. But as I couldn’t control my movements well, I can only scold in my mind “I detest it!” But my mouth just couldn’t say it, and everyone just left.

Returning back to the room, I couldn’t help but burst out crying. The hostel auntie saw me and said, “ You can’t always cry in a group environment. “ But what exactly should I do instead?

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